Hello, i’m Monika Imler

Monika Imler is a young irate writer who is better known as a Potter Head by her friends. She has just completed her graduation in Physics and mostly writes academic content and infographics for websites. She has been freelancing since 2 years i which she has submitted around 30+ projects based on digital marketing, academic and food related blogs and articles.

Blog and Article Writer Monika Imler

My Key skills


Interpersonal skills


Ability to communicate


Research Ability


Analytical ability

Niches that i cover


Sports News and Entertainment Blogs, Action Sports Blogs, Player’s Profiles, Aquatic Sports Blogs, Contact Sports Blogs, Strange and Bizarre Sports Blogs, Specialized Sports Blogs (like Archery, Equestrian Sports, Chess, and Snooker) Etc.

Technical writing

Science and medicine, Software, Manufacturing, Engineering, Construction, Biotech, Financial services, Academia, User manuals, Help guides, Software documentation, API documentation, Standard operating procedures

Digital marketing

SEO(search Engine optimization), Google Updates, Content Marketing, Lead Generation, Google Adwards, Social Media Marketing, WordPress Guide, Influencer Marketing, Video Marketing, Affiliate Marketing etc.

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