Hello, i’m Garry Thobe

Garry Thobe is popularly known as the Party Animal who loves to meet new people and write about their stories. Professionally an Orthopedist, Garry can provide in-depth information about health and wellness content. On holidays, Garry plays football with his friends and deliver freelance article based on technology and digital marketing late nights. The key points Garry's write-ups is accuracy, research, and command over different language variants.

Blog and Writer Garry Thobe

My Key skills


Interpersonal skills


Ability to communicate


Research Ability


Analytical ability

Niches that i cover

Medical & Health

Weight loss, weight gain, and weight management, Anxiety and depression, Mental health, Mindfulness, Yoga and meditation, Supplements, Speciality diets like keto, paleo, vegan, etc. Addiction and recovery, Fitness and body

Digital marketing

SEO(search Engine optimization), Google Updates, Content Marketing, Lead Generation, Google Adwards, Social Media Marketing, WordPress Guide, Influencer Marketing, Video Marketing, Affiliate Marketing etc.


Sports News and Entertainment Blogs, Action Sports Blogs, Player’s Profiles, Aquatic Sports Blogs, Contact Sports Blogs, Strange and Bizarre Sports Blogs, Specialized Sports Blogs (like Archery, Equestrian Sports, Chess, and Snooker) Etc.

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