Hello, i’m Martin Mathews

Hi, My name is Vartika Srivastva and I'm 21 years old pursuing my masters in business administration. I am from Kanpur, UP. I have an interest in reading and writing blogs and articles.

InfoGraphic writer Martin Mathews

My Key skills


Interpersonal skills


Ability to communicate


Research Ability


Analytical ability

Niches that i cover

Medical & Health

Weight loss, weight gain, and weight management, Anxiety and depression, Mental health, Mindfulness, Yoga and meditation, Supplements, Speciality diets like keto, paleo, vegan, etc. Addiction and recovery, Fitness and body

Education and e-learning

Colleges, universities, and other post-secondary institutions, Online course providers Education, Mock tests,  startups, Job descriptions, Private student loan lenders and Other Academic and e-learning services


Investing, Retirement planning, Insurance, Mortgage,  lending, Credit cards, Debt management, Budgeting and personal finance, Accounting, Financial technology (Fintech) & Small business finance


Travel guides for specific cities or locations, Reviews of tours, museums, hotels, etc.
Interviews with local business owners, Living and working as digital nomad, Budgeting for travel, Travelling with kids, Travelling as a senior

Technical writing

Science and medicine, Software, Manufacturing, Engineering, Construction, Biotech, Financial services, Academia, User manuals, Help guides, Software documentation, API documentation, Standard operating procedures

Digital marketing

SEO(search Engine optimization), Google Updates, Content Marketing, Lead Generation, Google Adwards, Social Media Marketing, WordPress Guide, Influencer Marketing, Video Marketing, Affiliate Marketing etc.

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