Hello, i’m David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez is a techie writer who primarily writes about Blockchain and cryptocurrency. Professionally, he is a coder and is often found developing new apps. being a father of two sons, David likes to play baseball with them on holidays. His prime knacks are in-depth analytical research, trending tech content, and of course digital marketing.

Script Writer David Rodriguez

My Key skills


Interpersonal skills


Ability to communicate


Research Ability


Analytical ability

Niches that i cover

Education and e-learning

Colleges, universities, and other post-secondary institutions, Online course providers Education, Mock tests,  startups, Job descriptions, Private student loan lenders and Other Academic and e-learning services


Investing, Retirement planning, Insurance, Mortgage,  lending, Credit cards, Debt management, Budgeting and personal finance, Accounting, Financial technology (Fintech) & Small business finance

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